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Marine diesel engine
Sản phẩm khac
HuangLong 13902248025
   name: 8N330

8300 Diesel Engine (power 441-1103kW , rotating speed 450-600rpm)
  The main technology characteristics are straight line, four-stroke, direct injection, supercharged or not-supercharged, air inter-cooling or not- irreversible inter-cooling, compressed air starting.
  Bore of cylinder: 300mm
  Stroke: 380mm
  Fuel oil consumption: supercharged: 205 g/kW.h
  not-supercharged: 224g/kW.h
  Lube oil consumption: 2.0g/kW.h
  Height of lifting position Crankshaft:2120mm
  Overall dimensions (mm): 4958*1288*2630
  Net weight (Kg): 13000

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